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Citizens of Zimbabwe and any other person that has lived in Zimbabwe may require a police clearance from the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Criminal Investigation Department. If you are outside of Zimbabwe, you do not have to travel back to get a Zimbabwean police clearance. Here is how you can get a Zimbabwean police clearance certificate from South Africa.

  1. Go to your nearest SAPS station for fingerprints. The officer will take prints of your fingers onto Form SAPS91(a). Ensure that your full name and surname, passport, date of birth and place of birth must be recorded on the fingerprint form. This form must also be signed by the person that took the fingerprints
  2. Download ZRP form 137 and complete it.
  3.  Deposit vetting fee of $75 (almost R1200) in the CID Headquarters Standard Chartered Bank Account number 8740416046400, Sort code 5156, Swift code SCBLZWHX, Highlands Branch, Harare.
  4. Attach proof of payment to your forms
  5. Send to CID Headquarters, corner 10th Street/Josiah Chinamano Avenue, Morris Depot, Harare

The easier way

  1. Get your fingerprints taken at your nearest police station.
  2. We will collect  (or you can send) your documents.
  3. Pay one fee that covers everything
  4. Get your clearance in 7 working days
  5. Failure you get your money back.

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  1. I need to get a police clearance from Zimbabwe and I am in Pretoria. Please send a quotation of how much you charge to assist.

  2. Hi
    I’m based in Johannesburg I just wanted to find out how much is 1 fee that covers everything to get a police clearance in Zim.

  3. Is it possible to send someone at Zim police station with my fingerprints I took in South Africa for a police clearance

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