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How to book an appointment with the Zimbabwe Consulate

Many people have been asking us how to book an appointment with the Zimbabwe Consulate in South Africa. Here are the details on how to do it.

Due to Covid-19 the Zimbabwe Consulate introduced an appointment system that can help manage the number of people who visit the place every day.

With this initiative citizens get served quicker and timeously.



How do you get a booking for Johannesburg Consulate
To book follow these steps below. If you need assistance kindly let us know. You can also start on Step 2.
  1. Go to the booking site
  2. Add your email address, which will be used as your login
  3. Create a password
  4. Add your Full name
  5. Add your phone number.
  6. Click on Create
  7. Go to your email and open an email from the Zimbabwe Consulate.
  8. Click on the confirmation link on your email. The link will take you back to the booking site.
  9. Login using email address you used in Step 4 above.
  10. Use password you created in step 5 above
  11. A calendar will come up. Choose a date on the calendar (check screenshot below). Look for a green coloured date .Then choose the time. If the dates shown are full use the right arrow to go to the next month.
  12. A box will pop up with your name already completed
  13. Add your phone number, Date of birth and ID if you have
  14. Click on create
  15. Check your email for confirmation.
  16. Check the link for requirements .
  17. Do this for each member who wants to apply for a passport or birth certificate
How do you get a booking for Cape Town Consulate
The Cape Town Consulate currently does not work on a booking system.
Consular services are currently being provided at Community House, 41 Salt River , Salt River, Cape Town according to this circular 

Need assistance? WhatsApp us on 0815901227

227 Responses

  1. I thank you for the job well done to come up with this idea of online passport application. I find it helpful to all the people who needs to apply for new passports Thank you

          1. Hello want to book for application of my son’s birth certificate who was born in south Africa.

          1. My passport was stolen, want to apply for a new one. Is the booking appointment website for Cape Town the same as the Johannesburg website?

        1. his please l lost my kids passport s n l dnt know the passport number l need new ones want do l have to do please help my 0672158074 taruvinga

          1. We humbly request your assistance in repatriating the remains of the late Ms Nyaruge Maudi who was residing @ Ga-Makanye outside Polokwane in Limpopo. According to the information received from the family she wasn’t employed ever since she came to South Africa last year January 2020.

            Her remains are being kept @ Balobedu Funeral Directors since she died on the 13th February, storage fee is R100.00 per day. The said funeral home xoes not have powers to transport the deceased to the border so she has to be moved to Kings & Queens Funeral Parlour that needs R9000.00 for repatriation up until the border, where the Zimbabwean mortuary will then take over the transportation to her home.

            We hope that as Zimbabwean Embassy, you will help in this regard or advice where to get assistance. My contact is 076 498 1325 / Sindiswa Ndini on 072 302 2673

          1. Gooddae to u I hereby trying to do an appointment for the passport my passport expired in February this year

          1. There are no slots what should one ado and when making an appointment for a minor I can use my email address or what?

          1. You an book with the Zimbabwe Consulate or contact us on 0815901227 for assistance

        2. Trying to book for an appointment but the slots looks all are full booked and blank ones on the calendar is saying no available slots

          1. i would like information as to when are the appointment be available for passport renewal

      1. Hi ,I have been booked for an application on the 9th of march but the appointment was cancelled and still haven’t gotten a new appointment date,what should I d

      2. Good day sir/mam
        I want to apply a new passport my passport is going to expire on this coming month August so can I book an appointment for applying or I can do I online ,I’m in cape Town

      3. Hi my name is Sabina Malunguza I would like to renew my passport I,m from Zimbabwe how do I apply or do an appointment

        1. Hi can you assist with your contact details I need more information than what I am getting on this website

        1. Please help. I need to book an appointment to renew my Zimbabwe passport which expired. I.m residing in Dublin Ireland and there’s no Zimbabwe embassy here

      1. Hey can u plz help me book an appointment I want to fill section 5 form n send it home I want them to apply for a passport for my son

          1. Good day, my passport have expired, I want to apply for a new one here in south Africa, what should I do?.

  2. morning good peple l need to book for apointment for renwewal of my passport becouse the one l have is expied l will be happy if you can give me the day of 19 january 2021 time 10;30 thank you

    1. Hello Tanaka i have been trying to book online for passport application to no avail .I seems there are no spaces found is it fully booked for the whole 2021 or what

    1. Good day

      I want to book an appointment to renew my passport ; birth certificate for my kid and passport also.Thank you.

    1. I am.in cape town i need to book appointment for BIRTH certificate for my son were can i get the link

  3. my name is Phoebe
    I have been trying to make an appointment online so that I can get a date to come and renew my passport but to avail
    my passport expired on the 12th of January 2021
    please help I want to renew asap
    I need a renewal of an emergency passport
    please advise me
    how do I get an appointment date please

  4. Good day I have been trying to get an appointment but to no avail are appointments suspended again please assist my daughter’s passport has expired I’m worried as she might loose out on a her student exchange program.

  5. Good Morning.I am trying to book an appointment for an expired passport but page keeps directing me to Johannesburg Consulate of which i want the one in Capetown.How do i go about it so that i change venue from Johannesburg to Capetown?.Please,kindly assist

  6. Hi there,I would like to know if I can use my long paper ID and long birth,the hand written one to apply for a passport at the Consulate?

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  8. Am trying to book for Capetown but the link is only showing for johannesburg please assist

  9. Hi I want to book an appointment to apply for a passport renewal… please help I don’t even to what to do…thanks

  10. I am finding it difficult to book because the coloured green spaces are always full those uncoloured spaces shows that no slots available.

    1. Good day
      It’s been 2 weeks trying to book for a passport application…Each time l log in on Wednesday at 4pm I’m finding it fully booked.When us it open for bookings?

  11. Hello Tanaka, how are you doing? Am failing to finish up my booking..I went to home affairs yesterday and they asked me to take my birth certificate to Zimbabwe Embassy for approval letter that it is mine. Please help me on how I can do it.

  12. Hie what can l do to get the date for the appointment fast everytime when l try to book it says no slots but l log in 4pm exactly now its abaout 3 months

  13. Hello ,I’m trying to book but no dates are available I tried several times but still no appointments available,is there an actual time or date to book or I’m missing something?

  14. Hi
    When applying for pasport do you have a transport to transport the documents to Zimbabwe

  15. Hie I’m trying to book a date but no dates are available I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong

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