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If you are a Zimbabwean in South Africa, or anywhere outside Zimbabwe, and intend to get married to a non-Zimbabwean, you need to get a non marriage certificate first. It is also known as a certificate of no Impediment. This document states that you are not legally married to anyone at the time of application.

non marriag certificate

How to get a Zimbabwean non marriage certificate in South Africa

To get a Zimbabwean non marriage certificate in South Africa follow these procedures:

  1. Make photocopies of your birth certificate, ID, passport and passport page with the latest entry stamp.
  2. Take the copies to the nearest Zimbabwe Consulate
  3. Get a non marriage submission letter from the consulate.
  4. Send the documents to Registrar General of Marriages in Harare
  5. Get the non marriage certificate
  6. Get a verification letter from your nearest consulate
  7. Authorisation letter if you are sending someone

How much does it cost to get a non marriage certificate?

There are several costs involved in getting a non-marriage certificate. These include:

  1. R250 Fee at the Zimbabwe Consulate
  2. Courier fees to send your documents to and from Zimbabwe.
  3. Statutory fee of $50

18 Responses

  1. Send someone to submit for me and was told that I should provide 2 affidavits confirming if we have kids together with copies of children’s birth certificates. Is that now another requirement

  2. How much does it cost in total for everything to be done? Is it the USD50 plus the R250?

    What other documents are required when getting married to a South African if you are a Zimbabwean?

  3. Thank you for the helpful information…
    Q_ if u hv all e documentation, except for e birth certificate wat SHLD I do …coz it was lost???

  4. I will like to apply for no impediment letter. I do have all copies, but my passport it’s still ne haven’t stamped.

    And how much will it cost to apply.

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