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How to get an E-passport from Zimbabwe

Wondering how to to apply for a Zimbabwean E-passport from South Africa? There are two ways you can apply for an e-passport from South Africa or any part of the world. Like all applications there are documents required for the application.


  1. Long Birth Certificate
  2. Identity document
  3. Expired passport if you have it
  4. Affidavit for lost passport
  5. Other documents specific to your circumstances like, marriage certificate, citizenship certificate etc

There are two ways you can apply for a Zimbabwean E-passport. You have to go to Zimbabwe and apply physically or you can do it through the consulate.

Applying for E-passport physically

  1. Get your documents checked
  2. Pay your application fees
  3. Payment and application verification
  4. Enrollment and biometrics

The whole process takes less than 2 hours according to those who have applied.

Applying from outside Zimbabwe

If you are unable to go to Zimbabwe, you can get the application forms from your nearest consulate or embassy. To apply for a new Zimbabwean passport from South Africa you need to make a booking with the Zimbabwean Consulate in Cape Town or Johannesburg. You send the forms to Zimbabwe and a relative submits for you. From beginning of April applicants have been issued the new e-passport, though the Zimbabwe Consulate in South Africa has reiterated you need to be there physically.

Can you apply for a Zimbabwean e-passport online?

At the moment you can not apply for an e-passport online. You can, however book online and on the day of the appointment go  to Makombe New Complex, Leopold Takawira Street, Harare, to kick start your application process. So this means you should be in Zimbabwe on the appointment day.

How much does the e-passport cost?

The e-passport costs $120 including the application fee. This is for a 48 hour passport. The 7 day passport costs $220 but applicants from South Africa have received their passports exactly 21 days after submission.

At the time of writing e-passports can only be issued in Harare and Bulawayo but by end of June all provinces should be able to issue passports.

We would like to know how your experience was ,if you applied for an e-passport.

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          1. hie l lost my old passport, l no longer remember my old passport number. can you check for me ID 64-1205248k07

  1. hi,I want to apply for an E-passport while am n here South Africa hw can I book for an appointment ?am n Pretoria

  2. hie. i got my forms but cant download it because it says This document is password protected, so how do i o about it?

    1. Hie
      Is it possible to apply a passport without a birth certificate if u are over 60yrs? I need my mom to hv a passport bt she never had a birth certificate in her life.

  3. Is it possible to apply a new pass port while l’m in south africa and finished everything without going zimabambwe

  4. Good Day. I have tried in vain to book online for my passport renewal. Someone told me it’s done between 16h00 and 17h00 but still no luck; it’s always fully booked. Any known agents that work with the consulate? I am far away from Johannesburg that’s why.

  5. Hi I want to apply for epassport I’m in south Africa mine is expiring next year January how can I apply online

  6. hi i want to renew my passport it expires next year and apply for new one for my wife how can i do it? am in south africa(kempton park) contact details 0683695794

  7. Hie there.I would like to know if you guys are coming to Durban anytime soon this year.I would like to apply for my passport renewal would you advise me on how i should do it from Durban Thank you.

  8. Is it possible to renew passport,while it’s still have two more months to expire or l have to wait until it’s expired?.

    1. Hi
      I want to apply for a new passport. I have the old one which has expired. I’m in Johannesburg. Which is the first step to take

  9. Hie l want to apply my new passport with an pdf birthday certificate is it possible while l am here in Capetown please help

  10. Can I apply for e passport while my old passport is still valid and is my national ID still a requirement when the passport is still valid

  11. If you passport is 11 months away from expiring , can you start with the process of applying for a new passport ?

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