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When a friend or relative passes away we are usually overwhelmed by grief,sorrow and disbelief. This is unbearably too much if the cause of death was accidental. Be that as it may, funeral arrangements need to be done. Here is a checklist of what to do when someone dies.


  1. Notify close friends and relatives. As soon as someone is declared dead, notify close family members and relatives. These people will help you with arrangements and general advice. 
  2. Find out if the deceased had funeral cover 
  3. If the deceased is in hospital, and there is no storage space, contact us for removals
  4. We will need a notification of death BI1663 issued by a medical practitioner.
  5. Collect the deceased’s belongings from hospital
  6. Get all the deceased’s documents like ID, passport, birth Certificate, 
  7. Contact your insurer if the deceased had funeral cover.
  8. If the deceased had cover with Tanaka Life or you choose us to assist you with funeral arrangements we will assist with:
  • registering the death with Home Affairs and getting a death certificate.
  • supplying you with a  range of coffins and caskets to choose from
  • embalming the body for repatriation across borders within SADC
  • offering transport for mourners
  • contacting the embassy for the necessary clearances ( for foreigners)


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