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Here are the current Netone data prices.

Netone USD Voice bundles

Bundle TypeWhat you getPrice in USD$
Dollar a day $1 40 SMS$1
Dollar a Day 7 Days$6
Khuluma Voice 1 Day6 Minutes All Networks$0.22
Khuluma 24/7 Bundle 1 Day12 Minutes All Networks$0.42
Khuluma 24/7 Bundle – 3 Days30 Minutes All Networks$1
Khuluma Voice – 7 Days 65 Minutes All Networks$2
Khuluma Voice – 14 Days165 Minutes All Networks$5

Netone Mo’Gigs USD Data Bundles

Data bundlePrice (USD)Valid For
Mo’Gigs 5GB730 Days
Mo’Gigs 10GB1230 Days
Mo’Gigs 15GB1530 Days
Mo’Gigs 30GB3030 Days
Mo’Gigs 50GB5030 Days

Netone Weekly USD Data Bundles

Data bundlePrice (USD)Valid For
500MB Weekly Data bundle$37 Days
1000MB Weekly Data Bundle$47 Days

Netone WhatsApp USD Data Bundles

Data bundlePrice (USD)Valid For
200 MB WhatsApp Bundle$1.002 Days
250MB Weekly WhatsApp Bundle$1.507 Days
480MB Weekly WhatsApp Bundle$2.507 Days
500MB Monthly WhatsApp Bundle$4.0030 Days
600MB Monthly WhatsApp Bundle$3.5030 Days
1000MB Monthly WhatsApp Bundle$5.0030 Days

Netone Combo Bundles / One Fusion Bundles

Bundle TypeWhat you getPrice in USD$
LITE15 Minutes Netone to Netone
5 Minutes to other networks
250MB data
250MB WhatsApp
250MB Streaming Data
250MB Gaming Data
GOLD25 Minutes Netone to Netone
10 Minutes to other networks
500MB data
500MB WhatsApp
500MB Streaming Data
500MB Gaming Data
25 SMS
PREMIUM80 Minutes Netone to Netone
25 Minutes to other networks
5 Minutes International
1000MB data
1000MB WhatsApp
1500MB Streaming Data
1000MB Gaming Data
30 SMS
Valid for 30 Days

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