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Are you wondering how you will get USD when you visit Zimbabwe? There are several ways of getting the greenback when you go home especially over the festive season.

  1. Get cash from Ecobank ATMS – Ecobank allows you to withdraw cash even if you do not have a bank account with them. There are several ATMS across Zimbawe. To find an ATM near your check this locator here
  2. Use money remittance services – As an SA resident you are spoilt for choice when it comes to money remittance. There are several money transfer companies that guarantee USD in Zimbabwe. There is Mukuru, Mama Money, Hello Paisa and Ecocash Remit as well as World Remit.

Things to consider

Making an international withdrawal is not as cheap as making a local withdrawal. You must know how much your bank charges for international cash withdrawals.

If you can, activate SMS roaming on your South African number and receive notifications on your phone. Since you are accustomed to rands you won’t need to convert from rand to USD every time you make a withdrawal. You can also log into your bank app to see how much you have been charged per withdrawal.

When using money remittance services you need to consider cash availability in Zimbabwe. Whilst most guarantee cash, find out from family members that regularly receive remittances which service is the best.

Besides cash availability, you need to the cheapest and most efficient money transfer service. All the service providers are able to give you a quote before you send.

Do you know of other formal ways of getting USD when you visit Zimbabwe?

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  1. Hi Tanaka Life I have a question do you guys know how l can apply for a permit here in south Africa is there any chance of me getting a permit please help

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