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If you use the popular calling app Taura, you may be wondering how you can buy recharge vouchers online. Taura airtime is available via agents and resellers and of course online.

What is Taura.

Taura is an app that Zimbabweans use to call home. The person you are calling does not need to have the app. With Taura you can call anyone even those with a kambudzi. One Taura voucher gives you 8 minutes of call time. You can download the app on Google Play store for android or on the iOS app store.

Where can you buy airtime

Taura vouchers are available from agents all over South Africa. Besides agents, you can buy Taura vouchers from our WhatsApp platform or directly from our website.

How to register for a Taura account

After you have downloaded the Taura app it will ask you to register your phone number. It will automatically pick the country code where you are. If the country code is wrong you can change he country. You then enter your phone number without the first zero. You will then receive a code that you must enter within 15 minutes. On registration we found the code did not respond on submitting. We just removed the last digit of the code and entered it again and it immediately confirmed the account registration was successful.

How to recharge your Taura account.

There are quiet a few ways to recharge your Taura account.

  1. Recharge with Taura vouchers. Taura vouchers are recharge codes that work just like airtime recharge cards. The recharge pin is a 14 digit pin. To recharge click on the 3 dots on the top right and choose Account. Click on voucher recharge. Then select Taura recharge. Enter your 14 digit pin and recharge.
  2. Recharge with OTT voucher. You can get an OTT voucher from a retailer near you. OTT vouchers can be bought from some banking apps, Kazang, Caltex, Game , Makro, Rhino and a lot other shops.
  3. Recharge using Paypal. You can recharge your Taura account via Paypal. The downside of this method is that it comes with a surcharge on top. The minimum amount you can recharge is $5.
  4. Recharge via airtime sharing. You can get recharged by a friend or a colleague and you can also recharge a friend. Simply go to your account dashboard via the 3 dots on the top right and click on share airtime. Add the receiver’s number, then the amount you want to send and share.

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  1. DevOps team can you make our app to call even local numbers eg if I’m in SA to be able call anyone here in SA .like the talk360 app does

    So that sometimes you don’t have local airtime l can also call using my taura app

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