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The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) operates on a tiered tariff system, which is designed to encourage consumers to use electricity sparingly and efficiently. The first 50 units of electricity are charged at a lower rate, and as consumption increases, so does the tariff rate.

The first tier of the ZESA tariff system is for the initial 50 units of electricity, which are charged at a rate of US$0.0848 per unit. This is the most affordable rate, and is intended to cover basic electricity needs such as lighting and charging of small electronics.

Once the initial 50 units have been consumed, the tariff rate increases to US$0.09 per unit for the next 51 -100 units. This rate is intended to cover more extensive electricity use, such as cooking and heating.

Here are the current ZESA electricity tariffs as of 05 March 2024

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