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Update on Zimbabwe e-passport application in South Africa

The Zimbabwe Consulate in Johannesburg is gradually rolling out its e-Passport processing center. Phase 1 (18-21 June 2024): A trial run with a limited number of randomly chosen clients from the existing pool. This phase aims to test the system’s effectiveness before the full launch. Phase 2 (After 21 June 2024): Full rollout to the […]

ZIG Rates

Here are the current ZIG rates as at 6AM today. 1USD 13.31ZIG 1 ZAR 1.45 ZIG ZIG rates ZIG is Zimbabwe’s new currency backed by gold and a basket of foreign currency reserves.

ZESA Electricity Tariffs as of 05 March 2024

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) operates on a tiered tariff system, which is designed to encourage consumers to use electricity sparingly and efficiently. The first 50 units of electricity are charged at a lower rate, and as consumption increases, so does the tariff rate. The first tier of the ZESA tariff system is for […]

Netone Data Prices

Here are the current Netone data prices. Netone USD Voice bundles Bundle Type What you get Price in USD$ Dollar a day $1 40 SMS $1 Dollar a Day 7 Days $6 Khuluma Voice 1 Day 6 Minutes All Networks $0.22 Khuluma 24/7 Bundle 1 Day 12 Minutes All Networks $0.42 Khuluma 24/7 Bundle – […]

Stay Connected: How Zimbabweans Can Send Netone Data Bundles Home

Being far away from loved ones can be tough, especially for Zimbabweans living in the diaspora. Thankfully, Tanaka Life is here to bridge the gap by offering a range of Netone data bundles that allow you to stay connected with your family and friends back home. In this blog post, we’ll go through the various […]

Netone One Fusion bundles

  NetOne One fusion bundles are bundles that bring immense value to your recipients in Zimbabwe. They are a combination of voice, data, and SMS. Depending on the bundle some even allow you to make international calls as well as provide streaming and gaming data. Netone One Fusion Packages   One Fusion Premium The one […]

4 top ways to make cheap international calls from Zimbabwe

cheap international calls from Zimbabwe

If you’re looking for cheap international calls from Zimbabwe on a regular basis, whether as a business owner or with loved ones abroad, then you need to read this article. With more and more Zimbabweans going overseas, it is important to stay connected. Now more than ever, calling abroad has become cheaper and more accessible […]

How to buy Taura vouchers online.

Taura airtime

If you use the popular calling app Taura, you may be wondering how you can buy recharge vouchers online. Taura airtime is available via agents and resellers and of course online. What is Taura. Taura is an app that Zimbabweans use to call home. The person you are calling does not need to have the […]